About us:
The National Meteorological Center is a meteorogucal seervice provider. Falling into the category of a basic public good, which is based on relevant sciences and technologies and oriented to the whole society. It is the operational weather forecast and service center at national level as well as an Environmental Emergency Responce Center in the framework of the World Meteorological Organization(WMO). Its predecessor was the Central Meteorological Observatory founded on 1 March 1950. The National Meteorological Center(NMC) is structured with 6 functional divisions or offoces and 9 operational bodies. By the engof December 2008, it had 263 staff, including 68 docorate degree holders, 103 master’s degree holders and 92 bachelor or equivalent degree holders. In recent years, NMC has increased its research capability,bringing up a number of meteorological researchers , a multidisciplinary team combining operations with research, It boasts 1 academician of the Chinese Academyof Engineering, 24senior engineers (research fellows) and 113 associate senior engineers. Facing the new situation and demands, NMC will continue to adhere to the concept of “Public-, Security-, and Resources-Oriented Meteorology”. It focuses on improving accuracy of weather forecasts and meteorological services delivery, and playing a leading or demonstrative role as a national body in operational meteorological so as to make is due contributions to the better and faster development of meteorological service.
▪To monitor and forecast weather for China and major regions in the world, to forecast sand/dust weather, thunderstorm & lightning events and conditions for conducting weather modification operations, and to issue warnings of severe weather over Chinese waters and the sea areas within its responsibility;
▪To monitor, forecast and wam of typhoons and marine weather events for China and major areas in the world;
▪To issue specialized weather forecasts oriented to transport and targeted to hydrological and geological disasters, environment & health and energy;
▪To monitor, forecast, wam of and assess agro-meteorological and related disasters in support to the national food security and ecological recovery and conservation;
▪To deliver public weather service and meteorological and agro-meteorological prqducts, and to disseminate public weather information and services to central(national) media, as an authoritative and unified outlet;
▪To produce decision-making-oriented services and products including monitoring, forecasting, warning, impact assessment and response advisories advisories in case of high-impact weather and major meteorological disasters; to provide CPC Central Committee, the State Council and relevant govemment agencies with various consolidatedproducts;
▪To monitor meteorological disasters; to collect and assess the information about severities of meteorological and weather-induced disasters, and to provide emergency meteorological support and services in case of majoe meteorological disasters;
▪To develop, improve, upgrade and maintain the operational NWP system; to be responsible for model verification & evaluation and for interpretation and application of NWP products;
▪To provide operational & technical guidance for meteorological establishments at lower levels;
▪To conduct applied research and technical development in such areas as NWP, weather and agro-meteorology, based on scientific and technological innovations;
▪To function as the WMO Regional Specialized Meteorological Center (RSMC), Regional Environmental Emergence Response Center and the THORPEX TIGGE Center in Asia.