Typhoon Regional Assimilation and Prediction System (T-RAPS) is an operational typhoon predicting system which is basing on the WRF numerical model. With the vortex dynamic initialization scheme and topographic filtering scheme, the intensity, structure and location of the target typhoon in initial field is adjusted and relocated according to the observation: when typhoon in initial field (T0h) is obviously weeker than observation in the developing stage, an integration is conducted from 6 hours before T0h (T0-6h) with WRF model to obtain a stronger vortex. If the intensity difference is not small enough, the obtained stronger vortex will replace the vortex at T0-6h and the integration will be conducted again. This cycle will continue until the difference is small enough. Specified topographic filtering scheme is also applied for vortex in different distance to coastline. These schemes improve the initial vortex on the surface with complicated terrain. An air-sea coupling sheme is also employed in the predicting process to improve the intensity forecasting skill.